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Application [x]Name: Mandy. [x]Age:17 [x]Location:Waverly, NY.… - Im a Guitar Grrl... [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Aug. 6th, 2004|04:41 pm]



Name: Mandy.

[x]Location:Waverly, NY.

[x]10 Favorite Bands:
[1] The Distillers.
[2] Jack Off Jill
[3] Peaches
[4] The Transplants.
[5] Otep.
[6] Rancid
[7]Cheap Sex
[9] NoFX

[x]3 Favorite Books:
[1]The Beautiful Days of My Youth
[2]The G-String Murderers
[3]Mind Riot

[x]5 Favorite Movies:


The Filth and the Fury

SLC Punk

Betty Bleu

Donni Darko

Guitar Questions
[x]Do you have a guitar/bass?: Yes
[x]Are you in a band?: Kinda. lol. Haven't practiced in...forever.
[x]What Type of guitar(s) do you have?: Masson, Fender, Slammer Hamer.
[x]What color is your guitar?: Red, Black, Tux.

[x]Whos your favorite guitar Grrl?: Do you mean the mods..cuz they just rock..

or do you mean like..BRODY DALLE.


From: xkurty_cobainyx
2004-08-21 09:41 am (UTC)
Errrm is this how you do it!?!

[x]Name: Bethy :)
[x]Age: 16
[x]Location: Liverpool in England

[x]10 Favorite Bands:
[1]the distillers
[3]pretty girls make graves
[4]the smiths
[6]sex pistols
[7] the clash
[8]the ramones
[9]auf der maur
[x]3 Favorite Books:

[1]The Wrong Boy - W Russell
[2]England's Dreaming - The Story of the Sex Pistols
[3]Angela's Ashes

[x]5 Favorite Movies
[2]moulin rouge
[3]sid and nancy
[4]eternal sunshine
[5]wizard of oz

Guitar Questions
[x]Do you have a guitar/bass?: I own an acoustic but there are 5 elecs and a bass in my home which i play!
[x]Are you in a band?: nope
[x]What Type of guitar(s) do you have?: Ibanez Acoustic, Gibson Les Paul in Black n Cream, Fender Tele sunburst, Dan Electro Turquoise + Squier Black oo and Fender Satelite bass
[x]What color is your guitar?: Above

[x]Whos your favorite guitar Grrl?: I adore Brody!!!!
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[User Picture]From: mandyanan14
2004-08-21 01:44 pm (UTC)
Well..no..but I'm in love with you already.
Umm...Go to livejournal userinfo for the group..
click on join group..
and then go into where you update you journal..
go under more options:
post in...the community
then post the application.

good luck love.
let me know if you need more help.
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